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Gil-galad's parentage

I'm working on completing the page on Gil-galad, and am wondering if it would be appropriate to put a short discussion of the changing ideas of Gil-galad's parentage on that page. Would it be better to put this discussion in a separate section at the end of the page, or should I create a separate page to link to? --GilMiriel

I think that you could open a discussion-page in the Forum, Gil - in "Forum/The__Silmarillion" - section I suppose. It would be wonderful to have a discussion on this most peculiar issue. And if you decide to do so, you may then put a link to this dicussion thread on the main page about Gil-galad in the "Comments" - section that we have agreed each longer entry should have. --LR

I think that such a "discussion" would be a good starter for a forum section. Nonetheless, a short overview of Tolkien's varying thoughts on the issue should be added on the Gil-galad page anyway. -- Walter

sounds good, thanks. I am working on putting together the info about Gil-galad, so it may be a while until the page is actually put up. . . -- GilMiriel

Take your time -- Walter

Another question: I was thinking about adding some more info to the pages about the Númenorean kings and queens, but wasn't sure which sources I should use. On some points the Silmarillion, Lord of the Rings, and Unfinished Tales contradict each other. I'm not sure if this is discussed elsewhere, but which should be presented as 'fact', and which as an added note or comment, or should all the info just be put on as a note? -- GilMiriel

Gil, what contradictions do you have in mind? When I made those pages, I used the UT, taking this work as a completely reliable source. I also think that some facts from the Published Silmarillion can nicely fit in, too. Each of those pages have a suitably provided section for comments and if any discrepancies or contradictions exist, these IMO should be presented there. Additional info, should be added into the section "Notes". Besides, as there are several large essays/summaries about some of these characters, I can't expect more info to be added to their pages. Besides, I'd just like to remind that in case these pages are to be enlarged with more info, then you should not forget to include them into the FolderEssays, adding this at the bottom of the pages. OK? --LR

I noticed when reading the notes to UT The Line of Elros that some of the dates and I think the number of kings (? I don't have my book with me right now) don't agree with the Tale of Years in Lord of the Rings. I haven't compared with the Silmarillion yet, so I can't say about that for sure. I would guess that it would be ok to go with Unfinished Tales, since that's the more extensive work? --GilMiriel

I usually present the information of JRRT's published books first and then expand to Sil, UT and HoMe. If I notice inconsistencies I usually just point them out, without judging which information is "right" or "wrong" or "fact" and "non-fact", since IMO the TolkienWiki should present the information from either a "Factual-" or a "Neutral Point of View" if there exist contradicting "facts" as is often the case with JRRT.

Regarding your problem (and off the top of my head I think you are right that there are some inconsistensies) I would rather annotate than alter the Tale of Years as it is presented in the LotR, since the ToY? is what JRRT approved for publication.

Last not Least: You've been doing a great work here of late, Lucy, your contributions are much appreciated... -- Walter

Túrin's many names Since Túrin went by many different names throughout his lifetime, there are currently several different pages which refer to him. I just would like someone else's opinion on what would be the most useful format. Should the other names- I can think of Adanedhel, Agarwaen, Gorthol, Turambar, and Neithan - be separate pages with links to Túrin, should they be redirections to Túrin, or should they simply be included on the Túrin page? -- Gil

I tend to make redirections in such a case, that way the different names can be found through the indices and the information can still be gathered on one page. -- Walter

I'd do it with redirections, Lu. (though I myself always mess up those things and I seem to make the wrong redirections! ) --LR

Walt, if I move pages from here to the new place as threads there, what will happen to the links that some other pages here have to the respective entries?

For ex. The "Lombardic Legend" has links to your pages about King Sheave (pages in the now active Forum - Poem and Prose versions, as well as the discussion itself). If I move "King Sheave" - pages - either to the common TW area or/and to the new Forum, the "LL" will lose the links....What to do? :-O Help? --LR

The only way is to edit the links. I moved KingSheave to the main Wiki area


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