Rońc is a raven. He is the son of Carc? and his wife.

Born in 2788 ThA. 18 years after the coming of Smaug.

Rońc was the one who spoke to Thorin and Company on Ravenhill? and told them that Smaug was dead and that many peoples were moving towards Erebor.

'O Thorin son of Thrain, and Balin son of Fundin,' he croacked (and Bilbo could understand what he said, for he used ordinary language and not bird-speech). 'I an Rońc son of Carc. Carc is dead, but he was well known to you once. It is a hundred years and three and fifty since I came from the egg, but I do not forget what my father told me. Now I am the chief of the great ravens of the Mountain. We are few, but we remember still the king that was of old. Most of my people are abroad, for there are great tidings to the South -- some are tidings of joy to you, some you will not think so good.

'Behold! the birds are gathering back again to the Mountain and to Dale from the South and East and West, for word has gone that Smaug is dead!'

The Hobbit, The Gathering of the Clouds

Rońc brought news of the world to Thorin and delivered messeges for Thorin to Dßin II in the IronHills.

And also gave Thorin wise counsel.

'Your own wisdom must decided your course; bu thirteen is a small remnant of the great folk of Durin that once dwelt here, and now are scattered far. If you will listen to my counsel, you will not trust the Master of the Lake-men, but rather to him that shot the dragon with his bow. Bard is he, of the race of Dale, of the line of Giriron; he is a grim man true. We would see peace once more among dwarves and men and elves after the long desolation; but it may cost you dear in gold. I have spoken.'
The Hobbit, The Gathering of the Clouds

Although it should be evident Rońc is a talking bird. Much like the Lord of the Eagles of the MistyMountains.

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