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Welcome to the Tolkien Wiki Community

TolkienWikiCommunity is a new approach to provide an online platform for the ever growing fan-community of the literary works of the late Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

- the Author. There is - at least - one thing all members of this community have in common: A certain interest in J.R.R. Tolkien's literary works.

- a new technology. While there already exists a variety of - partly great - Tolkien related Forums, BBSs or Mailinglists, a WikiWeb covering this area does not yet exist. And I honestly think this is worth a shot.

building - Some sense of community and respect for all other members of this WikiWeb is all we ask from you, if you would like to join us.

Due to the success of the recent "Lord of the Rings" movie, some articles or pages about the movie will probably appear here as well. However, the main subject of interest within TheTolkienWikiCommunity should be J.R.R. Tolkien's books (as well as Tolkien-related books) rather than Peter Jackson's movie.

What is the Tolkien Wiki Community?

The Tolkien Wiki Community is the totality of the members of this WikiWeb (as a whole). Every - contributing - member is part of the community and has the same rights within this community. There is no hierarchical structure among the members.

Why another Tolkien-site when there already are quite a few?

All the Tolkien-sites I have seen so far, are either plain websites, discussion-forums or BBSs, Usenet-, Google- or Yahoo-groups, mailing-lists, etc. But I have not yet found another Tolkien-related WikiWeb. On plain websites one can only be a consumer of the contents of their pages. Forums, groups and mailing-lists enable a certain form of interaction or debate. They can be used to exchange knowledge, intelligent discussion or simple chit-chat.

With a WikiWeb one can have basically all of the above, but it also offers new possibilites. It can also be an Encyclopedia and a Knowledgebase! And something like a Tolkien-FAQs, and, and, and...

Furthermore it enables the members of this online-community not only to become Authors of Web-pages, but also to explore or to show off their creativity by structuring the site, designing the pages and thereby create their own site - interactively and real-time. And all this without any HTML-knowledge...

What could you do here?

Well that depends, I would say. If you prefer just to "lurk in the shadows", to learn about Tolkien's works and see what others provided for You, it is fine with me. But you will have to be patient with us, so far only the basement and the framework of our "community-building" exists. And - alas - it will never be finished, there will always be more to add.

Now, if you want to join in and help creating this site and it's contents, to share your Tolkien-knowledge, how much or what little ever, you will be most welcome to add your 2 cents and - hopefully - a little more. ... No, not literally... membership on this site is free of charge, I mean, what more can you ask for?

Oh yes, of course, all this is spam- and banner-free too...

Who am I and why am I doing this?

Well, my name is WalterCharzewski, and I am doing this mainly because I have become Tolkien-addicted a while ago. I have been member of several and still am member of a few Tolkien-related forums and mailing-lists, but none has been able to represent the online-community I have been dreaming of (see above!). I hope this one will be... -- WalterCharzewski

If you are curious about the goals of the TolkienWiki follow this link: TolkienWikiGoals. If you would like to learn more about me just click on my name above.

How you can join us

That's easy, you could either take the GuidedWikiTour or check out the WikiWeb page or just click on "Preferences" in the menu-bar at the left side and fill in your WikiUserName, eventually change the settings or choose a password and then click "save preferences"...

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