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This is a page for "technical" questions about how to create, edit or design pages in the TolkienWiki.

If you are entirely new to a WikiWeb, please read the page WikiWeb first. I suggest you take the GuidedWikiTour from there, for a start.

Before you ask a question here, please make sure it is not covered already in the FolderWikiTechniques. Also please keep in mind that it may take a day or two until someone will read and be able to provide an answer for the question you have asked.

Questions and Answers

Walt, I can't create a page. I put the "__" and all, but it does not show me the "?" at the end, so that I can create a page. :-O--LR

What would be the name of the page?
It__has__deep__roots would not work but {It has deep Roots}? (typed "It__has__deep__Roots") would because of the 2 capital letters, also would {It has deep roots}? (typed "{{It has deep roots}}")...

Ah! Thanks! (no suitable smily)

How can I put the numbered links in the essay "Of the Seven Invasions" in one line? I tried to do it and ... it did not work out. LR

Do you mean the notes, like this:

Note 6:
[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

? Just remove the superfluous ":"-characters. They mean "intent on a new line". Verify that there is no (invisible) End-Of-Line? (Enter) character after the entries.

You could also put it into a table, if you want them single-lined and aligned:

Note 6:[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]
Note 16:[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

Hope, it helps. -- HelmutLeitner

WOW! Thank you! You know.. I really tried to get rid of all these ":", and did not work out. The links seemed to be sort of "grouped" under one number. :-O ... But I like it more as in a table! Thanks for the hint! - LR

You're welcome. -- Helmut

How do I go about creating a FAQ page so it shows up in the appropriate places? I haven't been able to find directions on how to do this, if it is already someplace, please point me in the right direction! -- GilMiriel

Technically the FAQ pages are all sub-pages of the page FAQ. Hence creating a new entry is very much like creating an ordinary Wiki entry.

To create a new FAQ entry, edit the page FAQ and add a new line in the proper section of the page that looks like:

* /My__new__FAQ__entry?

Saving the page and clicking at the trailing question-mark causes the system to open a new page with the title "My new FAQ entry?" and the leading slash causes the page to be created as a sub-page of the current (FAQ) main-page. Now you can edit the page as usual and after saving it (don't forget to add the FolderFAQ at the bottom of the page to categorize it) you should have created a new FAQ page. -- Walter (Please let me know if I wasn't clear anywhere in my explanation)


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