New Page Function

There are a number of different ways to create a new wiki page, but to have a NewPageFunction might also be convenient. This is the place to discuss how this could be done. -- HelmutLeitner

Existing ways to create a new page

(1) use the page name somewhere (your homepage, the SandBox). Use the created link to edit the page.

(2) write the page name into the Url-Location? input field of the browser ".../wiki.cgi?pagename" and edit the empty page that is shown.

Option A: page search / not found / create new page?

There are wikis that offer to create a new page, when a page is searched, but not found.

Option B: a link to create a new page

A link leads to an small input form where you can enter the page name. Perhaps a number of options are offered for different types of pages. Anyway the system has to search whether the page - or a similar page - already exists.


The problem is to avoid the creation of similar pages that differ only in small variations of their spelling ("_" instead of "__", "" instead of "i").

This has already happened occasionally. Unfortunately this problem seems somehow inherent with Tolkien's naming and/or spelling "systems" (but then again, even Tolkien himself wasn't very consistent with the names he created and used). But I still haven't figured a way to - automatically - prevent "double pages" on the same subject. Maybe some brainstorming on this issue will help...

Option A - IMO - would rather "support" creation of "double pages" than prevent it, as for Option B I see some difficulties for the software to do a "smart search" and detect whether a page on the same issue but with a different name already exists or not.

-- Walter

At the outset, I think the Toliken wiki implementation is very good.

I've been thinking of how best to deal with Sanskrit words
that are written in English, they can be transcribed in
different ways. For e.g. the word commentary in Sanskrit
is Bhasya, BhAsya, Bhaasya, Bhsya or Bhasyam, BhAsyam,
Bhaasyam, Bhsyam etc..

A simple solution that I am sure all of you may have thought of
is to Build and maintain a synonym-control file which manages -which- 
words get linked.

1. Automatically link all words that don't belong to a list that
includes all common words - say a CommonWordList.

2. For each such page provide a "reconcile links" function - Maybe only
admins can access it.

3. On clicking "reconcile links"
for each link {
 Step 1
 Check against the synonym-control file
 if an entry exists than link it;

 Step 2
 #Now that explicit synonyms have been taken care of
 #We have to deal with the rest
 If a page exists for link{
    Display a 2 column list of all the entries and the linked
    page name, with a checkbox and a field for an alternate name
    Allow one to accept all or change a specific entry
    to an alternate name.
    Make appropriate changes to the synonym-control file
 else #if a page does not exist for link
    Show a list of similar entries and allow one
    to select the correct link OR create a new link
    - Make an entry in the synonym-control file

Thanks for the hint, AjivaRts?, and, yes, this is one of the possible solutions which came to mind, but unfortunately the TolkienWiki is the only ProWikiSoftware Wiki where such a problem arises. I am not sure if such an implementation for just one Wiki (out of quite a few which are all powered by the same ProWikiSoftware) justifies the efforts (and costs) -- Walter

Walter, I've recently been introduced to ProWiki by HelmutLeitner when I placed the following MeatBall? entry

The Tolkien story, from a wiki perspective, has some similar characteristics found in Hinduism, the Vedas, Mahabharata etc., I am not qualified to judge the programming effort, however I think that ProWiki having come this far, with a few modifications could very well house some of these valuable books and fulfill a great public need.

Although I maybe wrong other applications could be the biblewiki, talmudwiki, quranwiki etc. I've been working in close conjunction with to bring out various books into the eText public domain and currently have almost all the core etexts needed to build a Hinduism wiki.

AjivaRts?, I am sorry for the slow response but this week is sort of a holiday week here in Austria.

Indeed I too have noticed some parallels to the Mahabharata and the Gita (given whatever little I know about those Epi). As for your suggestion - if i understood you correctly - for the ProWikiSoftware to host Wikis of this sort, this is an issue where Helmut (Leitner) has the saying. But I am sure he will - as always - be open for sugestions, I shall mention it to him (in case he doesn't notice this page).

Walter, Thanks for your reply. I wonder if ProWikiSoftware is an Open Source project or is it setup such that it has to be hosted by HelmutLeitner - Thanks AjivaRts?

Ajiva, to answer your question: the ProWikiSoftware is not Open Source, I've been developing it since Aug 2000 to support a growing number of very different wiki projects. If you want me to host a project of yours, please mail me (the address is on my homepage). -- HelmutLeitner

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