Sand Box / Echiloderu

An extra-Tolkienic group that appeared on the web for a time. The time period was post-Lord of the Rings.

Echiloderu is Quenya for "Followers of Eru" and they took a strictly religious viewpoint of Tolkien and his works, while also remaining faithful to the canon.

They explain that they do not find mention in Tolkien's works because they were only around for little less than a year, and disappeared from the memory of men after going into the southern regions beyond Harad.

We do welcome here everything that is covered in the literary works of the late Professor Tolkien - like entries for Echil and Aphadrim - as well as some discussion about these terms (based on what little is mentioned in HoMeXI). But what we do not intend with this website, is to cover the fictional places, characters, etc., which have been created in Roleplaying Games related to the LotR and/or Middle-earth.

P.S.: I am not sure that Echiloderu would be actually a Quenya name (despite the fact that Tolkien himself never used it, I believe), especially since Echil is Sindarin not Quenya. -- WalterCharzewski

''Thank you for your response. The more I think about it, the more I believe that it wouldn't belong here. It did have RPG, but it was also intensely focused on how Tolkien's faith influenced his works, etc. So, I'm just going to get rid of this if you believe that's the best thing to do in this case...

Sorry about the Quenya mixup, my source for the translation got knocked off the web and I went on the fact Eru is usually viewed as Quenya.'' -- InnasIthil

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