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My name is Shiloh, and I know Walter from TTF. I'm a 26 year old accountant slaving away in Texas. If you couldn't already tell, I'm TTFMember:Gamil Zirak from TheTolkienForum?.com. I haven't been here in a long long long long time. So that is saying something. I will do my best to be more active. Please bare with me.

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Shiloh's Tolkien Reading List

The Hobbit
The Lord of the Rings
The Silmarillion
Unfinished Tales

The Book of Lost Tales, Part One
The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two
The Lays of Beleriand
The Shaping of Middle-earth
The Lost Road and Other Tales
The Return of the Shadow
The Treason of Isengard
The War of the Rings
Sauron Defeated
Morgoth's Ring
The People of the Jewel
The Peoples of Middle-earth

The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien

I'm just using this space below to add some dwarves to the Wiki (is that what you would refer to it as) because I do not know of any other way to do it. Once I've done a page for them, I'll take them off. I think there's more than what I have in my list, but I'll score through the books and find them (if anyone finds some that I miss, please feel free to add them).

{Durin II}?, {Durin IV}?, {Durin V}?, Durin VII

Welcome aboard, Shiloh, make yourself comfortable here.

In case of questions or suggestions feel free to contact me or put them into the general MessageBoard or if it concerns a single member the member's Message-Box -- Walter

Shiloh, you wrote a great page about the Dwarves, would it be okay with you if we put it in the essay section, since we're still short on essays? Btw, I'm very glad to see that we have now a Dwarf-expert amongst us. -- Walter

Welcome Shiloh, glad to have you on board



This is obvously your project- DougCreller
Hi Gamil, welcome to Wiki! --Ronald

Gamil, I deleted the pages {Lonely Mountain}? and {Grey Mountains}? you just created, because they already existed as GreyMountains and LonelyMountain (when you're in doubt about page names, please see the EditingGuidelines) -- Walter

My humble apologies. I need to remember to read those pesky rules and guidelines in the future. Thanks for straightening me out. -- ShilohShannon

I'm sorry if I annoyed you, I really didn't mean to. My intention was to prevent you from doing extra work by creating pages that already exist and to avoid double-pages. -- Walter

You didn't annoy me. Even though it was a bit synical, I was apologizing for creating double-pages. -- ShilohShannon

Shiloh your essay about the Dwarves is just great - many thanks -- Walter

Shiloh, thank you for The Dwarves. It's really great, makes me love them too. -- HelmutLeitner

No problem guys. It's still a work in progress though and I hope to get it panned out within the next few weeks (i.e. have all of the names, places, and such linked). -- ShilohShannon

Welcome back, Shiloh, I hope things are going well for you... -- Walter

So far so good. I'm hoping to be a more active participant. -- Shiloh

Time flies! It's good to see you again, a heartily "Welcome Back, Shiloh"! How have you been? -- Walter

Hey Walter. Glad to see you remembered me. It's been ages since I've been here. I plan on sticking around this time. -- Shiloh


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