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Brief introduction    

Who was Beleg Strongbow?

The appendix to Silmarillion (Published 77) answers it,

A great archer and chief of the marchwardens of Doriath, called Cúthalion 'Strongbow', friend and companion of Túrin, by whom he was slain.

Name: Beleg Cûthalion Strongbow. Often called Strongbow by his people

Meaning of the Name: The Etymologies given the following defination infront of the stem BEL-strong. Cf. bal (?). Stem not found in Q. T belle (physical) strength; belda strong. Ilk. bel (*bel¨¥) strength; Beleg the Strong, name of Ilkorin bowman of Doriath. *b¨lek: *b¨lek¨¡: ON beleka mighty, huge, great; EN beleg great (n.b. this word is distinct in form from though related to Ilk. name Beleg); cf. EN Beleg-ol [gawa] = Q Aule; Belegaer Great Sea [ay], name of sea between Middle-earth and the West; Belegost Great City [os], name of one of the chief places of the Dwarves. T belka ¡®excessive¡¯ is possibly from ON; ON belda strong, belle strength (EN belt strong in body, bellas bodily strength) are possibly from T. Cf. name Belthronding of Beleg¡¯s yewbow: see star, ding.

Note: It is interesting to note the introduction of the name Ilkorin in this text. This name is only mentioned in this text and no preceeding or succeeding text bears any reappearence or appearence of this particular name.

Age: Unknown.

Race: Of Elves.

Sub-division: Sindar, under the Kingship of Elu Thingol in the guarded realm of Doriath.

Occupation: Cheiftain of Marchwardens of Doriath. (The Marchwardens of Doriath were people who patrolled its boundaries to maintain the boundries of Doriath and look out for any stranger that may want to enter Doriath)

Subordinate to: Elu Thingol and Melian, King and Queen of Doriath.

Year of Birth: Unknown

Year of Death: 489, FirstAge.

Attributes and Tratis of Beleg: A great friend, a resolute hunter, greatest in forest warfare. A healer and lover of race of men. Fair, speaks no nonsense and would do anything for those he loves. Bringer forth of justice and peace. Mighty in warfare. It is said that none was stronger then him in warfare in Doriath. A great friend.

Weaponary and Armour: The great bow Belthronding and his black sword Anglachel.

Brief Biography    

Most of Beleg's known history is interwoven in the fate of Túrin and vows of House of Hador. He was the chief hunter of Doriath, the greatest Hunter and Woodsman that ever harboured in the lands of Middle-earth. Of old he was in the service of Thingol and had done great deeds for him. Of his documented history some is hereby recalled. He was a great hunter and thus was a member of a party that was prepared for the hunt of the Great wolf Carcharoth. He participated in Nirneath along with Mablung and presumbly made acquiantance with Húrin the steadfast. He became meshed in the doom of the Children of Húrin and became a fast and firm friend of Túrin. For and along with Túrin he did great deeds. He was erroranously killed by the hands of Túrin after he had saved his life from a band of Orcs.


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