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Brief Description    

Sind.: horse-land, horse-country

Rohan, the land of the Rohirrim, north of Gondor and south of the MistyMountains. Its bounders were the MistyMountains, Fangorn, the Limlight, Anduin, EmynMuil, the Mouths of Entwash, the MeringStream and the EredNimrais. First a province of Gondor, Calenardhon, it was given to the men of Éothéod as an independant kingdom in TA 2510, in return for their aid in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant and according to the Oath of Eorl (c.f. Oaths of Eorl and Cirion). Rohan remained closely allied with Gondor throughout history and played a crucial role in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

The Rohirrim raised horses on the green plains of their country, the most renowned of which was Shadowfax.

Rohan was the name for the land in Gondor, the Rohirrim called it Riddermark, the Mark of the Riders or simply the Mark. It was called Horse-country by the Orcs.

Tale of Years    

Tale of Years
TA 2510Eorl rides to the aid of Gondor and wins a great victory on the Field of Celebrant.
TA 2545Eorl is slain during the Battle of the Wold. The first mound is raised in Rohan as Eorl is layed to rest.

Line of Kings    

First Line
TA 2485-2545Eorl the Young
TA 2512-2570Brego
TA 2544-2645Aldor the Old
TA 2570-2659Frèa
TA 2594-2680Frèawine
TA 2619-2699Goldwine
TA 2644-2718Dèor
TA 2668-2741Gram
TA 2691-2759Helm Hammerhand
Second Line
TA 2759-2798Fréaláf Hildeson
TA 2798-2842Brytta Léofa
TA 2842-2851Walda
TA 2851-2864Folca
TA 2864-2903Folcwine
TA 2903-c.2950Fengel
TA c.2950-2980Thengel
TA 2980-3019Théoden Ednew
Third Line
TA 3019-FA 63Éomer Éadig
FA 63-Elfwine

Events, Places and People    

Battle of the Field of Celebrant

Battle of the Wold

Essays and FAQ's    

Oaths of Eorl and Cirion

Comments and Annotations    

Tolkien's inspiration for the Mark was probably Mercia. -- ChW

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