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Son of Húrin, Lord of Dor-lómin, and Morwen, and brother of Lalaith and Nienor. Later called Neithan (the wronged), Gorthol (The Dread Helm),Agarwaen son of Úmarth (Bloodstained son of Ill-fate), Thurin (the secret),Adanedhel (Man-Elf?), Mormegil (Black Sword), Turambar (master of doom), and Dagnir Glaurunga (Bane of Glaurung)

The story of Túrin, of the House of Hador, is a story of grief and tragedy.

During the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, Húrin was taken captive and tortured by Morgoth. Húrin would not reveal the location of Turgon and the kingdom of Gondolin so Morgoth cursed Húrin and Morwen and their offspring.

After the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, Túrin was eight years old. His mother, having kinship with Beren, sent Túrin to King Thingol in Doriath.

Thingol raised Túrin as his own son. Twelve years Túrin lived in Doriath as he grew to manhood. An elf called Saeros, being jealous to Túrin's favored status began taunting Túrin. Túrin meet these taunts in silence until Saeros insulted his mother. Saeros was sent running in fear of Túrin, and broke his neck fleeing the wrath of Túrin.

Túrin fearing capture and imprisonment, named himself outlaw and fled Doriath.

Beyond the western marches of Doriath Túrin joined up with a band of men, Outlaws to their own folk. Túrin named himself Neithan,the Wronged.

When Túrin and Beleg, with Túrin's outlaw band, lived on AmonRûdh, the land around their lair became known as Dor-Cúarthol, 'Land of Bow and Helm', and Túrin took the name Gorthol, 'Dread Helm'.

He was then betrayaed by Mîm the dwarf and captured by orcs. He was soon rescued by Beleg, bu in the dark of night, thought him an enemy and killed him.

Later, when he arrived in Nargothrond, Túrin named himself Agarwaen, Bloodstained, son of Úmarth, Ill-fate. While he lived there, he came to be called Adanedhel, 'Elf-man'.

When he first met the Men of Brethil while seeking Finduilas, Túrin named himself the Wildman of the Woods. When he went to live in the Forest of Brethil, Túrin gave himself the name Turambar, 'Master of Doom'.

The entire story of Túrin is told in The Children of Húrin


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