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Here I an going to compile the Questions and Answers form a thread in The Tolkien Forum, Hall of Fire Section and I will submit my compilation back to them. A lot of smart people contributed to this. I have not confirm all the answers but most are at least partialy right some will take some very deep digging to confirm

  1. Is Mordor north, south, east, or west of the Shire? South-east
  2. What is the name of Pippin's wife in later years? Diamond
  3. Who does Faramir their son marry? Goldilocks
  4. Who are Goldilock's Parents? Samwise and Rosie
  5. How many childern did Sam and Rosie have? 13
  6. Who killed Ancalagon the Black? Eärendil
  7. What are the names of the Three Houses of the Edain? Beör, Hador, Haleth
  8. Where did Barahir and his outlaws live? Dorthonion
  9. What other name is used for the Urulóki? Fire-drakes
  10. Who were the Onodrim? Ents
  11. Who was Incánus? This was Gandalf's name in the south
  12. How old was Pippin during the War of the Ring? 28
  13. Who was Queen Berúthiel? She was the Wife of Tarannon Falastur, the 12th king of Gondor
  14. How many of our years in a yen (elvish year)? 145 years or 52969 days
  15. Who was given the name Elestirnë? Erendis wife of Tar-Aldrion?
  16. What is a eored? A military unit consisting of 120 Riders
  17. What is Calacirya? the Cleft in the Pelori mountains of Aman
  18. What is the Máhanaxar? The Ring of Doom of the Valar
  19. What is the Rithil-Anamo?? The Ring of Doom of the Valar
  20. What are the Quenya names for the six days of the week (Enquië)? Elenya, Anarya, Isilya, Aldúya, Menelya and Tàrion or Valanya
  21. What is the difference between Arda and Ambar? Arda is the Solar System; Ambar is the Earth; Endor is the continent of Middle-earth
  22. What was the name of the Ranger of Ithilien who captured Gollum at Hennith Annun? Anborn
  23. Who is Aerin? kinsman of Húrin, secretly helped Morwen
  24. How many post-scripts in Gandalf letter left at the Prancing Pony? Three
  25. Who was also known as the Renewer? Aragorn
  26. What is the name of Celeborn's brother? Galathil
  27. Who is Fundin? Father of Balin and Dwalin
  28. Who was Idril's mother? Elenwë
  29. Where did Elenwë probably die? Helcaraxë
  30. What is the longest river in Beleriand? Gelion, but Sirion ,largest.
  31. What laid within Noirinan? Valley of the Tombs in Númenor
  32. Where was NanDungortheb? Between Doriath and EredGorgoroth
  33. What is the Sindarian word for Sea? gear
  34. What was the name of Fingolfin's horse? Rochellor
  35. Ciryaher Hyarmendacil was the__th King of Gondor? 15
  36. What was the former name of Anfauglith? Ard-galen
  37. Who is also known as Tintallë? Varda the Kindler
  38. Who is Edrahil? one of the elves who went with Finrod and Beren
  39. Who is Estlemo? One of the survivors of Gladden Fields when Isildur lost the ring
  40. Who is Fréawine? A king of Rohan
  41. Who composed the Aldulenie(the lay of the darkening of Valinor)? Elemmire
  42. Who wrote the Lear Cu Beleg? Túrin
  43. What was Culumalda, and where was it? a golden tree in Ithilien
  44. Who is Fuinar? A Númenorian deserter powerful in Haradrim
  45. Who was given the name Nóm? Finrod by Beör
  46. Who were called the Childern of the Sun? Men by the Eldar
  47. What was Eilenach? The second of the beacon hills of Gondor
  48. What was Tom Bombadil doing when he first meet Frodo? taking water-lilies to Goldberry
  49. What are all the names of Strider? Aragorn, Elessar, Elfstone, Estel, Thorongil, Telcontar, Envinyatar, Wingfoot, Longshanks
  50. What are the names of Gandalf? Mithrandir, Olóin, Incanus, Tharkûn, Stormcrow, Láthspell, Illnews
  51. What wer the names of Frodo's parents? Drogo and Primula
  52. What was the name of Gandalf's ring? Narya, the red ring
  53. Name the seven dwarven tribes? Blacklocks, Broadbeams, Firebeams, Ironfists, Longbeards, Stiffbeards, Stonefoots.
  54. Who was the last Númenoren king save Tar-Palatiir? to use his quenya name? Tar-Calmacil
  55. Who were the two sons of Elrond? Elladan and Elrohir
  56. Who was the leader of the Haleth whowas slain by Túrin? Brandir
  57. Which of the Valar made the dwarves? Aulë
  58. What was the name of the palace in which Turgon lived by the sea? Vinyamar
  59. Want and where is Udun? in Mordor between Isenmouthe and Morannon
  60. Who was the first Thain of the Shire? Bucca of the Marsh
  61. What is the name of the tengwa letter 'lh' in English? tree
  62. What does Tinúviel mean? Nightingale
  63. Which Nazgûl is most affected by sunlight? Khamûl
  64. What is Arwen's nickname and meaning? Undómiel, evening maiden
  65. Where were Merry and Pippin buried? beside Aragorn in house of Kings
  66. In what year were the Iron Hills settled and by who? Gór 2590TA
  67. Who slew Scatha? Fram son of Frugmar of Éothéod
  68. Who was the last King of Dale before Smaug came? Girion
  69. What is the name given to the Caverns of Narog by the Noegyth Nibin? Nulukkizdin
  70. What is the name of the Dwarf Lord of Belegost who was killed by Glaurung in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears? Azaghâl
  71. Who was the father of Tar-Miril?? Tar-Palantir
  72. Who did Brodda marry in Hithlum during the First Age? Aerin
  73. Which was the Fourth Great Battle in the war of Beleriand? Dagor Bragollach
  74. What were the names of the sons of Dior? Elured and Elurin
  75. Near which lake was the lair of Barahir and his outlaws? Tarn Aeluin
  76. What was the first name of the house of Hador? the Thrid house of Edain
  77. What does Idril Celebrindel's original name (in Quenya) mean? Itarille meant twinkle, sparkle.
  78. What were the Elves that lived in the Falas called? Falathrim
  79. Who ruled over the Falathrim? Cirdan the Shipwright
  80. What does the word 'Singollo' mean and to whom does it refer? It means Greymantle and refers to Elwë
  81. What is the Sindarin name for Moria? Hadhodrond
  82. What is the name of Gil-galad's spear? Aeglos
  83. What is the name of the fourth son of Finarfin? Aegnor
  84. What is the later name of Ereinion? Gil-galad
  85. Where in Beleriand lived Eöl after he had left Doriath? Nan Elmoth
  86. What was the name of the great pearl that Cirdan gave to Thingol and which in turn Thingol gave to the dwarves of Belegost? Nimphelos
  87. What name did Túrin give himself when he joined the Outlaws? Neithan, the wronged
  88. Name the Twelve companions of Barahir? Gorlim, Radhruin, Dairuin, Dagnir, Ragnor, Gildor, Arthad, Urthel, Hathaldir, Beren, Baragund, and Belegund.
  89. What is the name of the mound on which the two trees grew? Ezellohar
  90. What is the name of King Valacar's northman wife? Vidumavi Daughter of Vidugavia
  91. Who succeeded Dain Ironfoot to the Throne of Erebor? Thorin III Stonehelm
  92. Who loved Lúthien(apart from Beren)? Daeron
  93. Who slew Uldor the Accursed? Maglor
  94. Who was the first Son of Fëanor to die? Celegorm
  95. What was Alcarondas? The ship that Ar-Pharazôn sailed to Valinor
  96. Who wrought Orcrist? forged by Maeglin in Gondolin
  97. Who was the smith of Narsil? Telchar
  98. What was the name of the brother of Elwë that was the ancestor of Celeborn? Elmo
  99. Who bite off the hand of Beren? Carcharoth
  100. In what year was the Battle of Fornost fought? 1974 ThA
  101. What was the common name of the Hobbitiish surname Galbasi? Gamgee
  102. Who did Brandir kill? Dorlas
  103. Who said 'mind Bilbo doesn't eat all the cakes' The elves of Rivendell
  104. Who claimed his ancestors carved Nagothrond? Mîm
  105. Who named Melkor Morgoth? Fëanor
  106. Who named Nienor Niniel? Túrin
  107. Who did Eöl marry? Aredhel
  108. Who was the great-grandfather of Arwen in male decent? Tuor
  109. Who did Melian last speak with before she left Middle-earth? Mablung
  110. Who was the great-grandfather of Arwen in female decent? Finarfin
  111. Which dwarf was willing to go into the Lonely mountian with Bilbo the first time he entered? Balin
  112. Who was the first Thane of the Shire? Bucca of the Marsh
  113. Who sent messeges to Thingol about the Noldor regarding the kinslaying? Cirdan
  114. Who is person the Watcher in the Water is reported to have killed? Óin
  115. From whom did Éomer first learn taath his sister was brought in alive after the battle with the Nazgûl? Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth
  116. What was the name of the first Prince of Dol Amroth? Galador
  117. What was the name of Aragorn's mother? Gilrean
  118. What was the Capital of Arnor? Annuminas
  119. Who is accounted the third king of Arnor? Eldacar
  120. Who was the second king of the Reunited Kingdom? Eldarion
  121. What was the name of Eorl's father? Léod
  122. Who invented the alphabet? Rúmil
  123. Whose hair was said to speard through the waters of all the worlds oceans? Uinen
  124. Whom did Maeglin love? Idril
  125. Who were the founders of Umbar? Númenóreans on the Guild of Venturers
  126. Where was Elendil buried? At the top of Halfirien
  127. What is the name of Pippin's child friend in Minas Tirith? Bergil son of Beregond

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